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Indonesia to import meat from India and Mexico


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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia government will start to import meat from India, Mexico and other countries after President Joko Widodo signed a Government Regulation (PP) on import meat from certain countries on March 8, said Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution. He added, the import of the meat will be free from foot and mouth disease as feared.
According to Nasution, imports needed to drive down the price of beef is an easy ride, but it’s hard to fall. Currently, he said, there is the range of the price of Rp 110-116 thousand per kilogram.
Previously, Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman Indonesia explained, in this year Indonesia needs meat 675,000 ton or equal with 3.6 million cattle. Currently, the country only produce 442,000 ton of meat and need to import the rest of it from other countries.
Based on Law No.41 of 2014 on Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, Indonesia is changing the importation of cattle are no longer strictly implement country-based system but on the zone-based.
Pursuant to article 36C, ruminant livestock breeders can be imported from countries or zones within a country. Only, in article 36D, ruminant livestock breeders coming from the zone should be placed in quarantine island within a certain period.
Remarkably, the Law 41/2014, particularly Article 36E, also mentioned that in certain cases are allowed to import from a country zone for livestock products including meat. It seems, section 36E will be implemented by the relevant government economic policy package IX.

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Indonesia to import meat from India and Mexico

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