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BIN to chase 28 fugitives over corrupt cases after capturing Samadikun Hartono



JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Head of State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutiyoso said his office will chase the other 28 fugitives over corrupt cases after capturing Samadikun Hartono former president commissioner of Bank Modern. Bank Modern was among many banks that received Bank Indonesia emergency liquidity (BLBI) during the peak of financial turmoil in 1997-1998.

Samadikun arrived in Jakarta on Thursday from China, after ran away since 2003. The authorities said he was captured while he was watching F1 in Shanghai.

“After capturing SH (Samadikun Hartono), the chase of corruptors will continue. We are still chasing 28 others. I call on them to surrender with honor otherwise we will chase them,” Sutiyoso told reporters at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport on Thursday, as reported by

Sutiyoso earlier has reported the capture of SH to President Joko Widodo while accompanying the President in Germany. He said BIN has handed over SH to the Attorney General for further legal process.

Samadikun ran away from Indonesia in 2003 and owed the government Rp169 billion. According to an official at the Attorney General, Samadikun is ready to pay back his debts.

The other fugitives are Sjamsul Nursalim, former owner of Bank Dagang Negara Indonesia, David Nusa Wijaya, former director of Bank Umum Servitia, Djoko Tjandra, former president director of Era Giat Prima, Adrian Kiki Ariawan, former president director of Bank Surya and others.

Who is Samadikun Hartono?

Samadikun is a son of Otje Honoris, the founder of Modern Group. His last position before being prosecuted was President Commissioner of PT Bank Modern Tbk which was closed down by the government in the aftermath of the 1997-1998 monetary crisis.

Bank Modern received emergency liquidity facility (BLBI) worth Rp2.56 trillion from Bank Indonesia during the monetary crisis which led to the collapse of national banking industry. Samadikun was accused to have misused the BLBI worth Rp80.74 trillion. In the court, Samadikun was accused to have caused losses of Rp169.47 trillion to the State. The Supreme Court sentenced Samadikun for several years in jail based on verdict No. 1696 K/Pid/2002, dated May 28, 2003. However, the Supreme Court could not execute the verdict after Samadikun ran away abroad.

Samadikun has five children – three boys and two girls. The youngest son, Eric Hartono, died after United Airlines was crashed on WTC building by terrorist in 2001. Eric was still studying at a university in US. Samadikun has three brothers, namely Luntungan Honoris, Sungkono Honoris and Siwie Honoris who have managed to recover their businesses.

Since Samadikun ran away, the family’s business was carried on by his children. Samadikun has business operations in China and Vietnam, which are run by his children.

Modern Group business operations are now being handed over to third generations. Unlike Samadikun, his brothers are doing good.  Two of the Modern Group companies are listed, namely PT Modern Internasional Tbk and PT Modernland Realty Tbk, a real estate firm. The monetary crisis hit the group as it has to pay the government to settle its debts. Modern group then went through consolidation process. The Honoris family remains in control of Modern group. Its business has recovered over the past few years. (*)




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BIN to chase 28 fugitives over corrupt cases after capturing Samadikun Hartono

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