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FAA announces aviation safety rating for Indonesia


JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian airlines have been officially cleared to fly to the United States of America after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted a ban that was imposed on account of safety reasons and has been granted a Category 1 rating. Indonesian airlines were banned from flying to the US in 2007 after the FAA downgraded the national safety rating.

The FAA first assessed Indonesia’s civil aviation authority in September 1997 and found it in compliance with ICAO standards and then lowered the rating from Category 1 to Category 2 in April 2007. While under a Category 2 rating, the country either lacked laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards, or its civil aviation authority – a body equivalent to the FAA for aviation safety matters – was deficient in one or more areas, such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record-keeping, or inspection procedures.

The Category 1 status announced on Monday was based on a March 2016 FAA assessment of the safety oversight provided by Indonesia’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation. A Category 1 rating means the country’s civil aviation authority complies with ICAO standards.  With the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Category 1 rating, Indonesian air carriers that are able to secure the requisite FAA and DOT authority, can establish service to the United States and carry the code of U.S. carriers.

As part of the FAA’s IASA program, the agency assesses the civil aviation authorities of all countries with air carriers that have applied to fly to the United States, currently conduct operations to the United States, or participate in code sharing arrangements with U.S. partner airlines, and makes that information available to the public.  The assessments determine whether or not foreign civil aviation authorities are meeting ICAO safety standards, not FAA regulations.

In order to maintain a Category 1 rating, a country must adhere to the safety standards of ICAO, the United Nations’ technical agency for aviation that establishes international standards and recommended practices for aircraft operations and maintenance.

The Director General of Air Transport of the Ministry of Transportation, Suprasetyo, said in a press conference on Monday The FAA had conducted an audit of the national aviation sector since early 2015, assessing three aspects: regulation, operation and air-worthiness.

Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety of FAA Margaret Gilligan in a statement appreciated Indonesias hard work in improving its aviation safety to meet the FAAs standards.

“Indonesias effort to improve its oversight system had resulted in positive things,” Gilligan wrote in a letter to the ministry.

The achievement is expected to mark a new beginning in the aviation cooperation between the two countries, starting with the national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia which is interested to open routes from Jakarta to Los Angeles and New York.

Several Indonesian airlines were restricted from flying to the European Union countries this year but the ban was lifted after the airlines passed the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program.(*)


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FAA announces aviation safety rating for Indonesia

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