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LIVE REPORT : President delivers speech at Parliament House


Photo by Cabinet Secretary

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – President Joko Widodo starts delivering speech at the plenary meeting of People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) as the first Agenda. Following is the highlights of the speech:

09.45: Judicial Commission has done a good job with regard to selection of good judges. The President calls on State institutions to forge synergy and improve works to win competition and attain advancement toward a better Indonesia. Happy Anniversary Indonesia! Speech ended.

09.40: Appreciates the work of Supreme Court (MA)  in making decisions judging from increasing number of verdicts made as well as other breakthroughs based on information technology.

The President also appreciates the work of Constitutional Court (MK) judging from the volume of decisions or verdicts made, on judicial laws, regional election (Pilkada) disputes  (151 verdicts) out of total 268 Pilkada.

09.37: Supreme Audit Board (BPK) has implemented audit system on government’s budget and institutions. DPD has also participate actively in discussing government’s programs, supports the development of creative economy, and others. Also appreciate the support on the implementation of tax amnesty program.

09.35: Appreciates DPR’s works in cooperation with the government to enact 10 new laws, including Tax Amnesty, laws on fishery. The important thing is not the volume but the quality of laws. DPR and the government will soon start deliberation of draft state budget 2017.

09.31: President Joko Widodo: Indonesia is entering facing stiffer competition. Indonesia needs to work harder and determination to uphold the Constitution and values. Otherwise Indonesia will be washed away by the globalized world.

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LIVE REPORT : President delivers speech at Parliament House

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