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The Insider Stories Market Briefs


JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The followings are some news, compiled by our team and other sources that may affect market trading today:

  • PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (PNBN) issued rupiah-denominated bonds with total value Rp2.12 trillion with interest rate of 8.75%. The bonds will mature on October 27, 2021. Bonds issued on Oct. 27 and to be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on Oct. 28.
  • PT Bank Victoria International Tbk (BVIC) plans to increase capital by issuing approximately 789.06 million new shares or 10 percent of the paid up capital. This capital increase without pre-emptive rights may be carried out at once or gradually over a period of 2 years starting from the approval by the EGM, held on Nov. 18. The plan made by the company in order to strengthen the capital structure and increase the number of shares outstanding thus indirectly improve trading liquidity of the shares of the company.
  • PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI) has collected funds paid by the taxpayer in order to obtain Tax Amnesty amounting to Rp 7.6 trillion from more than 61,000 transactions, in the first three months of application of the Tax Amnesty program. At the same time, BNI also manages repatriation funds from abroad Rp780.6 billion in financial products offered, both in BNI and subsidiary companies. The Repatriation Fund in property business being transferred from abroad into the country had been deposited by the taxpayer in various denominations both in Rupiah, US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Australian Dollar. The fund does not include the property being transferred into the country through subsidiary companies BNI reached around Rp 71 billion, either through BNI Asset Management and BNI Securities as Gateway, and funds transferred to BNI Life investment products in accordance with customers’ choice. BNI open all outlets numbering over 1,800 across Indonesia to accept payment of ransom money, accommodating fund repatriation and the repatriation of funds invested.
  • The government is targeting 15 of the 30 priority projects can be started at the latest in 2018. The investment value of the 30 priority projects reached more than Rp1,000 trillion. Project financing from the state budget, assignment to SOEs and private partnership.
  • PT Wintemar Offshore Marine Tbk (WINS, Rp236) is to sell 15 vessels of various types to rejuvenate the fleet. Ships ready for sale are ships older than 10 years, this type of vessel that is landing craft, tugs and multipurpose vessels.
  • PT Ramayana Lestasi Sentosa Tbk (RALS, Rp1.240) recorded a sales value worth Rp6.43 trillion in the third quarter / 2016. Corporate Secretary Setyadi Surya said sales grew 6% from the Rp6.06 trillion in the same period the previous year.

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The Insider Stories Market Briefs

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