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Indonesia trade surplus widens to US$1.21b in September


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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia recorded trade surplus of US$1.21 billion in September, widened from US$293.6 million in August, due to lower imports. In the month, exports reached US$12.51 billion, while imports reached US$11.30 billion, resulting in a widening surplus. Both exports and imports fell in September.

In August Indonesia recorded exports of US$12.63 billion, while imports totaled US$12.34 billion.

Exports in September of US$12.51 billion was 1.84 percent lower than exports in August and 0.59 percent lower than the same month last year. Non-oil and gas exports in September reached US$11.45 billion, declined by 1.35 percent from previous month, but rose 2.85 percent from the same month last year.

Expors in January-September 2016 reached US$104.36 billion, fell 9.41 percent from the same period 2015, while non-oil and gas exports reached US$94.66 billion, fell 6.09 percent from the same period last year.

US was the largest export destination in September, valued at US$1.36 billion, followed by China US$1.35 billion and Japan at US$1.11 billion. The three countries contributed 33.28 percent of total Indonesia’s exports. Exports to EU (28 countries) totaled US$1.22 billion.

Indonesia’s imports in September totaled US$11.30 billion, fell 8.78 percent from August, and declined by 2.26 percent from September 2015.

Non-oil and gas imports reached US$9.55 billion, fell 9.77 percent from August and edged down 0.95 percent from September 2015.

Oil and gas imports in September totaled US$1.74 billion or down 2.97 percent from August and declined 8.88 percent from September 2015.

Indonesia’s imports in January-September 2016 totaled US$98.69 billion, down 8.61 percent from the same period 2015.

Cummulative oil and gas imports totaled US$13.74 billion (fell 29.19 percent) and non-oil and gas imports totaled US$84.95 billion, declined 4.10 percent.

Indonesia mostly imported products from China in January-September, amounting to US$21.99 billion (25.9 percent), followed by Japan US$9.48 billion (11.16 percent) and Thailand US$6.64 billion (7.81 percent).

Non-oil and gas imports from ASEAN reached 21.82 percent of toal imports, while imports from EU totaled 9.17 percent. (*)

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Indonesia trade surplus widens to US.21b in September

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