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Indonesia would releases government bonds $16.63 billion in Q1 2017


Photo by Finance Ministry

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia government plans to sell government bonds Rp222.81 trillion (US$16.63 billion) in the first quarter of 2017 or 37.21 percent of total gross issuance Rp597.04 trillion, following by Rp136.30 trillion in Q2, Rp140.66 trillion in Q3 and Rp97.26 trillion in Q4, both in local, iUS dollar Euro and Japan Yen denominated, said senior official on Thursday.

Directorate General for debt management & risk management Robert Pakpahan, said government paln to issue 80 percent (Rp477.63 trillion) of government bond issuance and the rest of it of 20% (Rp119.41 trillion) in the 2017. For domestic issuance, finance ministry will held 24 times offering with targets in the range Rp12 trillion to Rp 14 trillion in every lelang and Shariah bond up to Rp6 trillion.

“We are open to increase the share of foreign currency if needed if the market is open,” He said at the Investor Gathering on Thursday.

He adding pre-funding in the first half 0f 2017 is targeting 60 percent or equal with Rp 358.22 trillion of gross issuances target. Indonesia plans to issue global medium term notes (GMTN) up to US$3.5 billion end of this year as part of pre-funding scheme for state budget financing in 2017. Government has appointed BOA Merrill Lynch, Citi, Standard Chatered and HSBC as a lead arrangers for the issuance.

On the State Budget for 2017, government targeting the deficit will reach 2.33 percent of gross domestic product or Rp330.2 trillion and the government bond netto Rp399.99 trillion.

For deficit financing in 2016, Robert said, based on the current condition, the fiscal deficit will widening to 2.7 percent and need additional government bond issuance Rp6 trillion. Until Nov.15 government has issued Rp364.87 trillion in netto and in gross Rp646 trillion.

Trend incoming bid recorded Rp18.81 trillion in average, from 2015 worth Rp14.05 trillion. So far, Robert continued, foreign ownerships in government bond recorded Rp104.82 trillion.

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Indonesia would releases government bonds .63 billion in Q1 2017

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